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International Virtual Symposium on the Biological, Clinical and Basic Science Approaches to Covid-19  (IBS-SU-Covid-19, 2020)



Semnan University (SU) and Iran Biology Society (IBS)

Semnan University, September 10-11, 2020, Semnan, Iran


The world is currently witnessing the worst public health disaster, with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic affecting millions of people worldwide. In the light of the sever COVID-19 دpandemic, Semnan University (SU) and Iranian Biology Society (IBS) are honored to announce theInternational Virtual Symposium on the Biological, clinical and Basic Science approaches to Covid-19 to be held on September 10-11, 2020 as an special event of the 21th National and 9th International Congress on Biology due to be held from 16-18 Feb 2021 in Semnan University, Semnan, Iran.

Distinguished international and national researchers will share their knowledge and address the biological, clinical and basic science aspects of Covid-19 pandemic focusing on the following topics;

  • Covid-19 pandemic in the world and Iran
  • Sars-CoV-2 genetics (NGS)
  • Virus in culture, vaccine production
  • Sars-CoV-2 mechanisms of activity
  • Sars-CoV-2 detection
  • Neutralization and destruction
  • Molecular treatment of Covid-19 disease
  • Covid-19, antiviral herbal and chemical medicine
  • Theoretical and simulation to tackle with Covid-19

We cordially invite all the dedicated scientists, researchers, academics, professionals and students in the governmental and private sectors worldwide whose expertise can serve to find a solution to the Covid-19 pandemic in one way or another, to do actively participate in meetings, discussions, workshops and other activities we have arranged to address the worldwide problem.   

We look forward to welcoming you to this virtual event.


Biology Congress

21th National and 9th International Congress on Biology will be held from 16th to 18th of February 2021 in the city of Semnan, Iran. The congress consists of four conferences on major disciplines of Biology, that is Plant Biology, Animal Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, and Conservation and Environmental Biology. On behalf of the Iranian Biology Society and Semnan University, all national and international researchers are invited to take part in this valuable event.

For more details, please visit our website at: https://ibs2020.semnan.ac.ir/en/



Department for Cell and Molecular Biology

Cell and molecular Biology is the first Department in Biology in Semnan University, funded in 2011.  Faculty full-time members of the Department are: Shamsozoha Abolmaali, Molecular Biologist, Mehdi Golestaninasab, Zoologist, and Farshid Parvini, Geneticist. Our part-time faculty are Shakiba Darvishalipour-astaneh, Microbiologist (from Dep. of Biotechnology in Semnan University) and Fatemeh Rabizadeh, Plant Ecologist, among several other skilled lecturers.

Our main research areas are Bio-active molecules and their impact on the cancers as carcinogenic compound or anticancer agents along with antibiotics taken from extreme localities in nearby deserts. We are also interested in some other research areas, including, deafness and population genetics, host-parasites ecology and systematics, and herbal drugs do's and don'ts.

The Department of Cell and Molecular Biology offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB). With teaching and research activities our students will be provided with biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology, and molecular genetics courses, and develop high levels of the laboratory and theoretical skills. It’s notable that more than one-third of the courses are hold practically and experimentally. Thanks to such scrupulosity, preciseness, and meticulousness efforts, our graduates are mostly study at the graduate courses, or have successfully employed in the relevant careers.

We proud of our student achieving  valuable results in the annual National Olympiad of Biology for undergraduate students, which prominently discerned our progress among other undergraduate programs have been established recently at Semnan University.

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Address: Central Administration of Semnan University, Campus 1, Semnan, I. R. of Iran

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